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Online Services


AskmyGP allows patients to contact the surgery to get help for medical or administrative problems.

Requests will be triaged and we aim to see clinically urgent work on the same day, currenlty it may take upto 2 weeks for routine work to be completed subject to appointment pressures.

AskmyGP is an ideal way for patients to contact the surgery without having to pick up the phone.

Please send requests before 10.00 each day where possible so the GP can review your request and arrange an appointment or phone call if necessary. The system is open 8am to Midday.

The aim is to provide a same day service where possible.

Please submit requests on the day you are available to address the issue and provide times you will /will not be available where possible

Please avoid a Monday (if possible) for submitting requests for routine medication reviews or results as this is our busiest day for urgent work.

You can register at https://my.askmygp.uk/?c=W91013

AskmyGP will only permit one person to register using an individual email address.

A parent can act as a proxy for a child and we can set this up if you let us know.

For adults sharing an email address we need consent from the second adult for the first to act as a proxy. Please be aware that health information may be exchanged via AskmyGP and therefore where accounts have a proxy, they will be able to see that information. Seperate email addresses are more secure.

If you wish to set up a proxy for a spouse/partner/someone you care for, please provide consent from that person and we will arrange this.

How to use the service: askmyGP pt guide

How to create an account as a proxy: Creating an account as a Proxy

How to upload photos click here: Attaching photos

My Health Online

You can

  • order repeat prescriptions
  • view basic medical information such as your medication and allergies
  • update your contact details

To register for online services please call into reception with photographic ID and our staff will print off the access codes required.

We need to see photographic ID to verify that you are the patient and so are entitled to open the online account. This is to prevent unauthorised access to your medical information.

Under 16s

A parent can request to open an online account for a child, particularly if it is to order repeat medication. However at the age of about 15.5 years we will contact the child to advise them about the account and provide them with the option of reopening it for themselves. This is to protect the medical information of young adults.

Problems with online services

If you encounter any problems there are a number of things that you can do:

Use the forgotten password on AskmyGP to obtain a link to reset your password

Ensure you have set up your security questions so that should you forget your login details, you can use the “forgotten details” links on the My Health OnLine (MHOL) homepage (if this is not set you up you will need to contact the surgery to reactiviate the account).

NHS Apps Library

The  NHS Apps Library gives people access to a range of digital tools that help them to manage and improve their health.

The apps are tested and approved by the NHS to ensure they meet a high standard of quality and safety.

The ‘NHS approved’ label shows there is clinical evidence to suupport the app outcomes.

‘Being tested in the NHS’ label shows that the app is part of an NHS programme that is gathering evidence.

The apps in the library have undergone technical assessment and comply with the Data Protection Act.