Hope Family Medical Centre

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How to register

If you live within a 3 mile radius of the Practice you can register.

Collect a registration form at the surgery or to download and print a form to bring in.

Please complete a new patient information form  New patient data sheet (08.19)

You will need proof of identity and address e.g passport and utility bill and your NHS number.

If you have come from abroad you will need to provide documentation e.g. Work permit, passport, entry visa etc.

We operate as a group practice and you may consult with any member of our team.

Overseas Visitors

NHS medical treatment is  available if you are ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK and is not related to nationality, the payment of national insurance or income taxes.

The NHS will provide emergency treatment which cannot wait until a person returns home.  All routine appointments, including requests for prescriptions, are on a Private Patient basis and charges will be made.

Please ask a Receptionist to check criteria for treatment or payment before making an appointment.

Identification must be provided (passport preferred) before treatment can be given.